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About your day

You, our sailors with disability are what Sailability in Mackay is about. You will begin your sailing day by registering to sail. For 2023 your sailing is free.

Safety and the sun

While you are waiting for your turn to sail you will put on a life jacket. We will have sunscreen at our registration table or on the dock for you. We'd also encourage you to wear sunglasses, a hat and sun protective clothing (reflection from the water can cause sunburn if you are not prepared). Also, it is a good idea to wear sensible shoes and socks. Occasionally you might get a little bit wet but your skipper will do his or her best to keep you dry.

Your sail

At the dock our volunteers will help you in and out of your boat. For about 30 minutes or so one of our experienced skippers will take you out sailing in the marina and we ask that your carer be there for your return.


During your sail we want you to have a great time. You might see birds, fish or turtles and many other things such as yachts coming and going. You might also like to listen to the sounds your boat makes through the water or, of the wind.

And, you can help your skipper steer the boat and adjust the sails. You may even learn to sail if you wish.

We'll ask your carer about things we can do to help make your sail more comfortable.

After your sail

Your carer will escort you from the dock. There is a cafe where you may wish to have something to eat or drink. Disability toilets are located at the rear of the hotel for your convenience.


We look forward to seeing you.

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